yo intersectional feminism iz the name of all the games suckassss if u r sucking mad dicks good for you if u r not that's also really awesome like I hope you're doing stuff you like a lot because it's v important to do things you like i for instance really like sleeping and eating. solid. no bronies allowed. do not fuck horses. they cannot consent.

a disclaimer: I sometimes think to tag triggering topics but generally don't so if you are easily triggered you have been warned

- "jack & rose say each others' names. a lot."
- my tv master list (in case you're all "but what fandoms does she do???" trick question because I don't really do ~fandom) /ruining tumblr with unintentionally hipster ways, syrnotsry.
- movies I've seen (with a lot of tv show checks mixed in because big numbers are sexy)
- my cat is a derp (also I'm a cat lady)
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Oct 22, 2012
@ 11:20 pm
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Spent the foreign policy debate playing Pandemic II.

Third time’s the charm; everyone’s about to die of bieberfever.

  1. medusasmusings said: HA! I still haven’t won.
  2. doctor-sherlock-winchester said: Did you get Madagascar and Iceland? Because those two are a bitch to get especially Madagascar.
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