here you will find the epitome of quality. quality media, quality intersectional feminism, quality humor, quality animals, and quality things. quality quality quality qiaulity qualitutyouer it's just so important to be qualitifitytosty, right? maybe. idk. this might all be total shit. but basically don't be a horrendous asshole (read: actively or passively oppressing others) and we should be square. however bronies are not welcome here. do not sexually engage with horses. horses cANNOT CONSENT. they are UNable to approve of your sexual advances. It bears repeating.

a disclaimer: I sometimes think to tag triggering topics but generally don't so if you are easily triggered you have been warned

- "jack & rose say each others' names. a lot."
- my tv master list (in case you're all "but what fandoms does she do???" trick question because I don't really do ~fandom) /ruining tumblr with unintentionally hipster ways, syrnotsry.
- movies I've seen (with a lot of tv show checks mixed in because big numbers are sexy)
- my cat is a derp (also I'm a cat lady)
- got asks? that's cool


Feb 14, 2013
@ 2:38 am
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maybe I was wrong about Rona being really into the Spuffy stuff

maybe I was wrong about Rona being really into the Spuffy stuff

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